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Interview with TAPS Alum, Peyton Esraelian

Shortly after the festival, we wanted to get in contact with our fellows to hear all about their experiences at TAPS this year!

First off is Peyton Esraelian. Peyton has been a part of the TAPS family since TAPS Online (2020) and was able to attend TAPS LA Music Festival in person this year!

Another huge thank you to Black Swamp Percussion for sponsoring Peyton and sending her tons of great gear! Check out more from Black Swamp here:

Q: You have been a part of the TAPS family since the pandemic! How has TAPS helped you in your musical journey?

P.E: TAPS has provided invaluable learning opportunities that have made a huge impact on my growth as a musician since the pandemic. Being a part of TAPS has helped me discover my passion for orchestral work in addition to chamber performing. To say that TAPS was a game-changer in my education is an understatement...being a part of this program over the years has been constantly inspiring and has changed the course of my life!

Q: Describe your favorite moment during TAPS 2023 LA Music Festival.

P.E: The mock audition was incredible, but I think one of my favorite moments was performing Pillar I. It was an unbelievable process to throw together such an insane piece with the other fellows in a short amount of time. Getting to work with the other amazing fellows and showcasing this piece to new audiences was an incredibly rewarding experience I will never forget. It was also hilarious that DY's mallet broke on the very last note of our final was a great finale!

Q: Would you recommend the seminar to other students?

P.E: Absolutely!! 100%!! This is the most amazing summer festival I have been a part of thus far and it is a great fit for anyone who is interested in diving into the world of chamber and/or orchestral performing as a career. I will always recommend participating in TAPS to all of my friends and students!!

Q: You received second place in our TAPS Mock Audition! Can you give us your best tips for preparing for an audition?

P.E: Do not underestimate the power of mocks and playing for others! I highly recommend always being musically curious, do not be afraid to ask questions, and trying to play for others as much as you can leading up to the big day. Learn how to become more comfortable with being uncomfortable in nerve-wracking performing situations. Experiencing those moments will help you learn how to adapt quickly and build a stronger mindset in the audition! Finally, always record yourself (both in practice and in mocks), then reflect on your playing objectively as you can.

Find Peyton on Instagram and TikTok to see more of her musical journey: @peyton.percussion

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