Los Angeles
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TAPS LA Music Festival

A new tuition-free, in-person seminar
in Los Angeles, CA

August 1-14, 2021

We are no longer accepting applications for in-person participants, but participation online is now available! You can now participate as a FULL-time Online Participant or choose individual classes to audit. 


Click the link below or scroll down to get yours today!

$25 per adult, $10 for children 10 and under

TAPS LA Music Festival Concert Info


The Ted Atkatz Percussion Seminar

Established as a 501(c)3 nonprofit in 2015, TAPS is an international education organization. Its mission is to provide world-class instruction in the percussive arts to students of all ages and backgrounds. TAPS maintains a rotating roster of faculty, all of whom have received critical acclaim within the musical community for their performance, composition, or educational specialties.


In lieu of presenting our in person seminars, TAPS will continue to offer unparalleled education digitally throughout 2021. TAPS' online seminars and events have been attended by over 400 individuals on 5 continents.


Learn about our past and present projects including the 2021 in-person LA Music Festival, the Alan Abel Documentary, and more!


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