Mission Statement

As a global non-profit organization, we are dedicated to pushing the boundaries of musical education for aspiring professional percussionists.

About our seminars

Our current curriculum consists of one-week, mobile percussion seminars for percussionists of any age and nationality. TAPS's unique educational system is built around the employment of creative professionals, each with a diverse musical background and broad range of specialties and skill sets. TAPS offers masterclasses, lessons, mock auditions, and public performances as part of the program for its participants.

  • TAPS's goal is to provide participants with education and training at a world-class standard
  • TAPS seeks to provide scholarships so that students facing financial hardship may have the opportunity to be TAPS participants
  • TAPS provides public performances that enrich the communities in which the seminar is held
  • TAPS aims to utilize digital technology and social media to raise awareness of the participant performances and education that takes place during each seminar

Questions? Please email hello@tedatkatzpercussionseminar.com or call 310-405-3376.